Wednesday, March 28, 2007

#23 In Summary........

My favorite exercises had to be adding blog lines and creating different accounts I may find useful for future reference. I am always wanting to learn more and gain exposure to new ideas and challenges.

Some of the steps were not intuitive and it forced me to dig deeper than I first thought. I realized just from these exercises alone, that the answer will not always be right in front of you and will keep that in mind next time I am assigned a task or duty.

The biggest surprise had to be the amount of websites I had no idea existed. The internet itself is its own culture. That took me back a bit. One could spend a lifetime exploring.

If our purpose as a public service entity is to help make things a bit easier for our patrons then my only suggestion for improvement would be to possibly combine a few of the exercises they may seem redundant to some and take our own advice. Other than that it was great to work on this and I look forward to further exploratory exercises the Library Dept. will put forth.

#22 Ebooks and Audio Ebooks

While I liked sifting through a plethora of selection and having it readily available; I feel as though having the book or cd physically in your hand is a bit more rewarding. I was never a huge fan of books on tape, I prefer reading them myself.

Podcasts and Ebooks may be the way of the future, but I'm still slow to adapt completely to this trend.

#21 Podcasts

Podcasts are a great idea. They may one day replace books on tape. There were a few interesting podcasts such as New York Times, and other periodicals. I chose to add the IBM Institute for Business Value: Insights and Perspectives Podcast. I also added some military library podcast from Pritzker as well. They provide book reviews of military books, interviews with authors, etc.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

#20 Youtube

Youtube is definitely a site I visit often. I like the fact the average joe can post videos for entertainment and blackmail. What I do not like is some of the salty comments that have been tossed back and forth between members. It makes me wonder where the line should be drawn.

I chose this video in dedication to a number of friends who served and are currently serving.

#19 LibraryThing

I noticed there were quite a bit of members with the same tastes as myself. Time to finish the book I've had checked out for a week, but have only gone a few pages into. I need to find more hours in the day....

#18 Online productivity tools

Considering I use a plethora of spreadsheets with my other job, this could come in handy. (We're still using MS Office 2000!) Yeah, I guess staying up to date with MS' numerous software updates isn't the top priority with my company.

I always thought having a web-based spreadsheet and word processing program would be a great idea; I just did not think they existed. This definitely proved me wrong.

#17 is complete

What a cool way to share eachother's interests. I'll have to check back on our wiki more often.